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That Moment with Northern Lights

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Northern lights which is also called as Aurora Borealis or dancing lights are caused by collisions between electrically charged particles from the sun when it enters the earth atmosphere. The lights are mostly visible above the northern or southernmost hemispheres and closer to the magnetic poles.

I have always been fascinated by Astrophysics since my college days and I was very close to pursuing my career in Astrophysics when I was invited for an interview with MP Birla Institute, even though I did not study what fascinated me the most, I never let the passion for astronomy die down. It’s that passion which took me to Iceland in chase of those Green Lights but unfortunately, I was unlucky. When one is adamant, you never let go of it easily. When I learnt that Northern Lights can be seen from Canada as well, I did so much research to know the best places to see the lights and have visited most of dark night preserves only to come disappointed mostly because of overcast or the lights were very weak.

Finally, when we were in Victoria, BC, there was an alert on my phone that Northern Lights will be visible from most parts of Canada and off we went looking for less light polluted area and after a long wait lights finally made her way into the dark sky but very weak. For the naked eye, we could only see dancing grey lights which is very hard to even know its northern lights, but I knew instantly what we were seeing was what we have been chancing for so long. Even though it was not what I always anticipated it to be, I am extremely happy to have captured under the lens and to have lived that experience. My hunt for stronger lights will continue, until then here are some pictures:

G0075274 (2)
When the lights were stronger!



When we saw the little dance


When the lights started to disappear
With the Milky way