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Hibernate in Style -Winter Or Weekends

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Agree or not, aren’t we all jealous of Grisly Bear? Not because it got lucky wrestling Leonardo (or that apart), it gets to hibernate during the winter. As much as, we would all love to follow the lead, humans are not blessed that way. But, we are blessed with other fun things like – binge watching television series. When we can at least hibernate during the weekends, why not do it in style, Right?

At home, we maintain our sanity because of Netflix (doesn’t the picture explains it all). When we need our “Me Time”, we just have to call Netflix for the rescue. But yeah, after all, it’s not that easy to pick a show when Netflix spoils us silly. There have been days when, I have spent hours just adding the prospective to the list or just admiring the exhaustive list. So, here are some of my top list which has kept my sanity intact over the numerous winters and weekends.


There is no fun in binge watching any show when the continuity is lost, so I generally pick the ones where the show has been wrapped.

Gilmore Girls: My top list for the season has to be GG, not only because it has been long completed, but also because of the Season Revival. The best part is, all the 4 revival episodes are released at once, isn’t that exciting? By the time, you complete watching all the seasons, you have more in the form of revival.

GG is extremely funny, there is never a dull moment and the best I love about the show is the dialogues. It’s hilarious, witty and refreshing. I feel happy watching the show.

Love the Mother and daughter relationship in this one, apart from other awesome things that I love.

The Good Wife: After recently winding up the show, “The Good Wife” surely deserves to be in the list. Though, 5th Season was a bit tad, they made it up in the 6th and 7th season and ended the show beautifully. Those who watch “Suits” might find little similarities but, here it is female protagonist and they always look so awesome arguing a case in the court.

Alicia Florick’s clothes are just to die for.

Downtown Abbey: If you are bored of the same American Series, here is a change for you. Downtown Abbey is a British Drama set in 1912. It is beautifully crafted essaying the different classes of society during early 1900 and how everything eventually changes.

My favorite in the show is Maggie Smith’s witty “One liners”. She is a delight to watch.

Prison Break: Apart from being a very intriguing show, it is also coming back with new season and trust me, this one is a must watch. Coming from somebody who loves her female protagonist (you must have figured that out by now), this one definitely steals the show. If, there was an award for fastest one to have complete the series in a go, I would definitely be in the running.

Michael Scofield is enough a reason to watch the series. I just want to forget the fact that he is a gay. Well, nothing wrong with being one, just that my heart refuses to accept the fact that he is, like it would make any difference.

Lost: This show takes you through such high and suddenly plunges. Wonder what were the writers thinking when they decided to introduce being in “____”, let me not spoil the fun for those who haven’t watched the show. But, it still keeps you hooked to the show and makes you think of the show every time you take a flight.

90210: Oh yes! There is a show by that name and I am yet to figure out why did they name the show in digits. I surely don’t get the connection since it’s a teenage drama. Don’t judge me, I am sure secretly everybody likes to go back to college days and relive the moments, though we were nothing like the kids in the show or I just want to believe the world is still good for my daughter’s sake (please don’t pop the bubble).

Hey, who knows if you have kids, by watching the show you would know what to expect, may be? If you don’t, it is a light-hearted series, I definitely liked it, especially the last scene.

I definitely don’t have to mention this show at all(as it is everybody’s favorite) but my conscious doesn’t let me wrap this article without the mention of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. I must have watched it at least like 10 times and I still don’t get tired of it. I still laugh at the same jokes and I still get emotional during Phoebe’s wedding and I still act like Rachel, when it comes to talking about her daughter Emma. This one is like a comfort food, you can go to it anytime and you would never be disappointed. There was a point, when I used to watch at least one episode before bed. Phew! gone are the days.

There is my favorite list, share if you have yours. More the merrier (remember not the ones which is still running). Btw, did you know, you can now download the shows from Netflix and watch it offline???