Iceland – My Travel Itinerary Part 2

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Planning a vacation can be taxing but surely rewarding and if everything goes as planned, then its a cherry on the cake 🙂

Continuing with my travel itinerary, here is the exciting part, fruits of what you sow, places I visited and experiences I cherish:

Total Days: 5 days and 5 Nights, 5 complete days is more than enough to explore the country. Even though the day light was only for about 5hours, I did not feel that I missed out on anything, at all. If you are visiting in the summer, then with extended day light for about 20hours (its tempting to visit again in Summers, which I will for sure), 5 days will be more than sufficient.

 Day 1 – Things I did:

  • Walking tour: Took a 2-hour walking tour to know the city better. This is something one should do first thing when you visit a new place, explore the place either on your own or with somebody who knows the city really well. There are free tours offered, so you don’t even have to spend a dollar.
  • Blue Lagoon: This needs a booking at least 1month in advance since this is the most visited place in Iceland, though I felt it was very expensive and little hyped, it is definitely worth a visit.(pictures I accidently deleted and couldn’t recover unlike other pictures I could after a long time:()
  • I had booked a Northern lights tour which got cancelled hence I went to explore city in rain, which was fun. Though, I did not get to see Northern lights even one night, I would suggest you book the northern lights tour on the first night, if you are not lucky the first night, you can at least try your luck remaining days.

Day 2 – Things I did:

  • Seljalandsfoss Waterfalls: The highlight of Seljalandsfoss falls is that you can walk behind the waterfalls, which is spectacular. I spent good 20 to 30min behind the falls admiring the majestic beauty, I could do that because I had my rain coat on, though a lot of people were just there for about 5min. Even if you have a winter jacket, make sure to carry a raincoat which is very helpful, if you are travelling in winter.
Behind the falls!


  • Skogafoss Waterfalls: This is one of the biggest waterfalls in Iceland and there is also a belief that the first Viking settlers have hidden the treasure behind the waterfalls. Looking for some treasure hunt, this could be the one 😛
Skogafoss Waterfalls!


  • Glacier Hike: I can go on about my glacier hike adventure but I feel pity for the reader who have already read “My Iceland Adventure” article, hence not saying much.
Hiking up the Glacier!


  • Black Sand beach: This is the most gorgeous beach that I have seen so far, though it’s also one of the most dangerous beach and tourist are advised against going even close to the beach, forget dipping your feet. Make sure you visit the beach when there is day light.

Day 3 – Things I did:

  • Jökulsárlón Glacier lagoon: This is my first ever experience seeing a glacier lagoon and it could not have gotten any better. Words or pictures cannot do any justice to what you witness in-person. Just go visit is all that I would say. Btw, a lot of films and music videos are shot at this place.
Glacier Lagoon!


  • Diamond Beach: Diamond beach is just opposite to Glacier Lagoon and you can see the glacier washed off to the beach. Glacier in a beach, doesn’t that sound exciting?
Glacier on the beach!


  • Ice Cave: This is something which attracted me to visit Iceland in winter as the cave will be filled with water in summer, so if you are even thinking of a visit to Iceland in summer, look at the pictures, though not very impressive, I can bet you will thank me after visiting this place.
Inside the Ice Cave


Day 4 – Things I did:

  • Gullfoss Waterfalls: Gullfoss waterfalls is also called Golden Waterfalls, this is in South of Iceland and part of Golden Circle. There is a very interesting story behind this waterfalls. This was privately owned by a farmer who wanted to sell this waterfalls to foreign investors to harness electricity but his daughter opposed him and took him to court only to have won the case. Icelanders are grateful to Sigridur Tomasdittir for saving it from being destroyed. Frankly, this waterfalls is as majestic or ever more than Niagara Falls.
Majestic Gullfoss!


  • Strokkur: Strokkur, natural fountain Geyser is located in Geothermal area. Well, this is something which left me spellbound. I was not really expecting something this phenomenal when I reached the place. Just when I was trying to figure out which way I should be heading to see the natural geyser, it just shot up right in front of me leaving me speechless. The feeling is something which cannot be put in words. It has a lot of hot water blow holes too.
First picture of the Geyser!


Geothermal area!


  • Pingvellir National Park: Pingvellir also called as Thingvellir is a National park and a historic site. This is located between two tectonic plates Eurasia and America. Though its a little crowded comparatively, I loved visiting this place. There are a few waterfalls which has some interesting stories of their own and who wouldn’t like to be in Europe and America at the same time. The landscape is just enthralling and makes a good walk just exploring the place.
Walk between tectonic plates!


Day 5 – Things I did:

Snorkeling Tour: Booked it with, you can be picked up from your hostel/hotel with extra cost. As I have already written about my experience, I am not saying much here. This is easily a day activity, even though you get back to your hotel by 4pm, you need to sit back relish the experience, when you are there snorkeling it doesn’t hit you as you are trying to fight the cold, but when you are back and think of the experience is when you feel so good about yourself for doing it in such cold weather.

Ready to dive in, me in extreme left.


Iceland is surely one of the places which will stay very close to my heart for the longest time and I am already thinking of visiting it again in next summer. If you are looking for some adventure, Iceland is the place.

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