Iceland – My Travel Itinerary – Part 1

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Decision to travel alone was impulsive, but booking a one-way ticket to Iceland was just crazy. That’s exactly how my planning started, after I was back from my Rockies trip. People say “you need a vacation to get over a vacation blues” that was pretty much the case with me. When you have a supporting husband, an amazing daughter and understanding parents, everything falls in place and a solo travel can be done even after being married and having kids.

Iceland is definitely very travel friendly and safe for solo travelers. Since the economy of the country is majorly dependent on Tourism, the planning gets very easy and there is so much information on the web.

As I had everything booked beforehand, things went very smooth and I dint have to think what I should be doing next day and where to book.

Flight: I booked my flight tickets with WOW Air and it cost me about $249 for one-way ticket from Toronto and two-way would have cost about $350, which is not bad at all. I travelled mid-week, so that was another advantage.


Airport Transfer: I highly recommend you book this well in advance, unless you are doing a road trip. After a tiring flight, it is very nice to just get out of the airport and find the bus right in front, without having to wait in the counter to buy the ticket. Buses usually go to the central Bus station but, if you pay a little extra while purchasing the ticket, you get dropped off at your hotel/hostel and also, get picked from your hotel/hostel/other destination, while returning.

Accommodation: I booked 3 days in Loft Hostel, this place is right in center of the town, walkable distance to everything in Reykjavik, right in middle of all the good restaurants and shopping places.

Link: (3 days, 1st night and last 2 nights)

Hotel Hofn (1 night): After the Glacier hike and in search of Aurora, we settled in the Hotel Hofn as the Auroras are visible from the hotel. You get the best fish dinner which made my taste buds happy after a tiring day. Beautiful and very clean, cleaner than Marriott or any other hotels in the category.



Hotel Eyjafjallajökull ( 1 night): Another gorgeous location and impressive room. It was just perfect in every angel, food, cleanliness or location.



Tour Booking: I booked a three days 2 night’s tour with “Guide to Iceland” which included everything that I wanted to do. Most of the activities that I wanted to do had to be booked through a guide, so this was perfect.  If you do individually tours, it would pretty much cost the same. We were connected to Wi-Fi throughout the trip, so you don’t have to buy a sim card or internet package.


The daily Itinerary will be posted in my next article, watch out for some exciting stuff.


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