Spring Festival Fun From Toronto

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Looking at the gorgeous weather of 10 degrees in February, it looks like Groundhog -Wiarton Willie was right and spring is just around the corner. After forceful skiing on the roads to building muscle shoveling the snow, it’s almost time to enjoy the Spring time!

With little time that we have spent in Toronto, we have always made sure to take advantage of the warmer weather in Spring. Here are some of the places we have had fun during spring:

Ottawa’s Tulips Festival: Driving to Ottawa during the Spring time is by far the best outing we have had during Spring. Though the Tulips are not really equivalent to what it looks like in Netherlands or in Skagit Valley in Washington, it is still one of the best we have. Hiring bicycles and going around the Rideau Canal and exploring the beauty of the park makes it all worth it being there.

Festival time this year: 12th May to 22nd May, 2017

It looks so inviting:)


Tulip beds!


Beautiful Spring Colours of Nature!

Toronto High Park Cherry Blossom Festival: No need to head to Japan (though that’s on my list to visit soon) to see the Cherry Blossoms, they were kind enough to give a few samplings to Canada and you can see the beauty blossom in High Park mostly during April (depending on the weather). The flowers last only for a week so don’t miss out, here is a link where you can keep a watch on when the flowers are in full bloom.

Link: www.highparktoronto.com/cherry-trees-2017.php

Cherry blossom in full bloom!


Kite Flying Festival: As kids, we have made our own kites and flied it from our roof top but it’s not the same everywhere, Toronto hosts Kite Festival during Spring and trust me it just takes you back to your childhood. If you fancy flying kites on a beach or in a conservation parks, there are quite a few festivals which takes place during April and May, here are a few links where you can pick which one to go for –



High up it goes!

Easter Egg hunt in Blue Mountains: Good Friday long weekend gets better mostly because of the egg hunt that happens pretty much everywhere, but it gets even better when you are not confined to a space and expected to run around the Village in Blue Mountain hunting for the easter eggs. Its not just for kids they also have some amazing rides for adults and you can even try skiing (if it’s not too warm for the snow to have melted), as Blue mountain is mostly famous as a skiing destination from Toronto.

Ridge Runner Mountain Coaster in Blue Mountain!

Maple Syrup Festival: If you are in Canada, you better like Maple Syrup. Pouring it over on pan cakes or just having them as a maple syrup candy, it’s a treat to our taste buds. There are a lot of farms hosting maple syrup festival combined with wagon rides and fun activities. Here is a link to all the festivals:


Happy Spring Time and do let me know your favourite spring time activity!


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