Interesting Facts and Stories about Iceland

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Iceland was full of surprises and I heard a lot of fascinating stories, here are some facts and some stories, which stood out for me:

  • Iceland was supposed to be called Greenland and vice-a-versa and some say it was a honest mistake and some other say they wanted to dissuade tourist to protect the country.
  • Reykjavik is the capital city of Iceland and the only city of the country, rest are all towns and villages.
  • Its very common to leave a child in their pram unattended outside the house, restaurants or shops, so don’t call the cops if you see one 🙂
  • Two third of the Iceland population lives in Reykjavik.img_5758
  • Fish export constituted the major economy for Iceland, until Tourism took over just after the 2010 volcanic eruption of Eyjafjallajokull (something good came out of that other than just disrupting the air traffic for days together).
This is where the Volcano had erupted in 2010
  • Iceland does not have an active Military.
  • Iceland presidential office looks like any other normal office without any guards outside. (Wonder what would have happened to Mr. Trump only if he had to sit like this ;)).
Presidents Office
  • The animals in Iceland are of just one type of breed and there are no deadly animals in Iceland.
  • Icelanders get offended if you call the Icelandic horse a pony, though they look like one 😉
  • Icelandic Horse is unique, since it’s the only horse in the world which can walk in 5 different ways and that makes it the fastest running horse than any other type of horse.img_6409
  • Transportation in Iceland is only through air, water and road, there are no trains in Iceland because of the terrain.img_6422
  • Iceland has so many hot springs that they are generally used for cooking eggs, boiling potato and the sand near hot spring is so hot that local burry the bread deep in the sand and it will be cooked within an hours’ time.( so well use of natural resources)

    Bread was hidden here and stone was a marker to find the vessel
  • Have you ever dreamt of moving around your house closer to your best friend’s house or office? Well, go to Iceland and you could do just that. Some of the old houses in Iceland are portable since it’s built out of timber though I could not find any reference regarding this anywhere.
  • You don’t need to carry cash if you are visiting Iceland, since 98% of transactions can be done using the credit card, even if you are buying something which is worth just a dollar.
  • Water and Internet is free and available anywhere in the country. I was always well connected and even could video chat with my family from most of the tourist spot, only thing is I would wake them up at odd hours to show an active geyser or a floating glacier 😛IMG_5973.JPG
  • When naming a new born, the selected name should be approved by the “Icelandic Naming Committee”  to make sure the names are not controversial and kids don’t get bullied in schools. (may be they should also consider having some simple and pronounceable names).
  • There are very few trees in Iceland and the ones which are there are very short.

    That’s how tall the trees are!


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    twobrownfeet said:
    February 20, 2017 at 4:31 am

    Love this! We visited Iceland in 2013 and can’t quite get it outta heads yet. 🙂

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