Dinosaur Provincial Park – Visual Tour

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Dinosaur Provincial Park near Calgary in Alberta is a UNESCO World heritage Centre. It has the highest concentration of fossils in the world. Their fossil bed and vast badlands makes it one of the must visit tourist place. About 40 dinosaur species have been discovered at the park. You don’t find any eggs here as the dinosaur migrated to different place to lay eggs as the climate was not suitable. You can go on a fossil safari, hiking the Badlands  and overnight Camping. If this doesn’t tempt you to take a trip to the park, go through the pictures gallery:

Drive to the park from Calgary where the road looks like a never ending destination is something one should experience.

Farms on the way to the park!


Who wouldn’t wan to witness once the land of magnificent dinosaur yourself!
View from the entrance!
Vast badlands, we were just awe struck!
My little monkey hiking the badlands!
My cheeky monkey in pink and me in black, after a difficult hike!


Delight for the photographers!
Did you say pose?
Ever ready!

Expect the unexpected on fossil safari!

We found a tooth as well!
Fossil which was buried under the badlands can be seen here as the sand gets eroded!

Tempting enough? Read my blog on the Canadian Rockies for more information.




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