Month: July 2015

To Ask Or Not To Ask

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Don’t be misled by the title, it’s not an article on office dating. I am keeping my articles strictly professional, for now.

The catch 22 situation in any interview for a candidate is to know when to discuss about pay scale.  Let me lay down situations when, this question can be asked or how to understand the scenario about the pay offered.

Fresh Job Seekers

Although most hiring managers say, it’s ok to ask about the pay scale, there are some conventional managers who think otherwise. So why take chances, do some research yourself.

  • If you are attending an interview in a company where your seniors are already working, ask them instead of the recruiter.
  • Ask questions when the company comes for pre placement talks, if they don’t mention about the pay scale in their presentation, instead of asking them during an interview.
  • If the company is a top pay master, then they assume that you have already done your research. So, don’t disappoint them.
  • Remember, making it to the corporate world should be your main priority, unless you have multiple job offers and your decision depends on the pay scale (I would say, that’s a bad way to choose between companies).

Experienced Professionals

In case of experienced professionals, it’s very obvious that most of them are scouting for new jobs mainly because of pay (horrible bosses being next in the list), so, you have an edge when it comes to discussing the pay scale. But again, don’t jump the gun, gauge the situation.

  • Mostly recruiters will ask for your expected salary, if they have a strict budget, so they know if they can afford you.
  • Avoid asking the pay scale if the recruiter has already asked you for your current salary package, it’s obvious that you are expecting more than the current salary.
  • If the above situations don’t arise, it’s ok to ask the recruiter during your telephonic discussion. However, check if it was not mentioned in the Job description or the Job positing.
  • If the role is more appealing and there has been no discussion about the pay scale, then popping the salary question during the second round of an interview is a good option.

Gentle way of asking about the pay scale:

  • “Do you have a budget for this role?”
  • What is the pay range for this position?
  • Are you planning on paying me at all???? Just kidding, don’t try this stunt. Think of different ways to put it across.

Everybody works for money; you earn it if you are worth it.