Appearance Matters in a Job Interview

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Like it or not, a lot of importance is given to a candidate’s appearance in an interview. Yes, even if the interview is not for a modelling assignment or for the fashion industry. So, dress right!

Be prepared and know the Company: It’s very important to understand the culture of the company before you decide WHAT TO WEAR? So, do your research and understand the dynamics of the company. Yes, it’s ok to ask an HR representative if the interview process is going to be very structured and formal or more on the casual discussion.

Choice of Color: Play it safe and stick to pastel shades. For men, if you decide to wear just trousers and shirt, then stick to light coloured shirts and dark trousers. If you decide on wearing a suit, then choose the right shirt to compliment the color of the suit.

For entry level and non-managerial roles, I would say just trousers and shirt with or without a tie will do the trick. For managerial and senior roles, just go with the suit (stick to black, blue and grey) and don’t even think of any other options.

For women, don’t get carried away with the many choices you have. Pastel shades rule the choice of colour in the interview, whether you decide on wearing a dress, a pencil skirt or trousers (Cotton saree or salwar suit in India). Having said that, a black or dark coloured (not bright) formal dress could be an exception.

Hair Style: Men, you are so lucky! You don’t have to bother too much here, unless you have long hair.

For Women, don’t pick hair styles that would bother you during your interview, where you have to constantly keep putting that one strand of hair behind your ear or move it away from your eyes.

Pick the Right Shoes: Don’t think too much and keep it simple, black formal polished and clean shoes are a saviour!

Makeup: Men, feel free to skip this part. Women, keep it light and not too bright.

Accessories: Avoid anything that jingles and distracts the interviewer’s attention. Frankly, avoid accessorizing too much.

Fragrance: Smell good but do not overdo it and drench yourself in perfume. Also, make sure if the company is a scent free zone, GOOD or BAD.

Dragon breath is a BIG NO!

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